About this blog

This blog is devoted to notes on whatever books I happen to read.  I had been adding reviews of my general reading to the Goodreads site, but ceased to do so when it was taken over by Amazon. I have reposted my Goodreads reviews here, though my account there will stay open and I shall leave the reviews on it in place.  However, I shall not be adding any further content to Goodreads.

I have two other blogs: a main one where my bibliography can be found (https://tomruffles.blogspot.com/) and one devoted to my interest in Romania (https://thomasruffles.blogspot.com/).

My reading interests are eclectic and range across (but are not limited to) literary fiction, particularly in translation, detective fiction, science fiction, psychical research, film, photography, the nineteenth century, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and central and eastern Europe, particularly of course Romania.

I do not have the time for general fiction offered by authors, but am happy to consider works falling into the categories listed above.

(Last updated 5 November 2019)


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